MGM haulage and recycling ltd

Light demolition

MGM Haulage & Recycling LTD undertakes light demolition such as the remains of a building such as an outhouse or walls.

We can also demolish parts of walls when safe to do so, for example to create a new doorway or create open plan rooms. The waste and rubble will be taken away via one of our Lorries as soon as the work is completed.  

Prices depend on the nature of the job, so an estimate will be given. 

Soft strip-outs are internal strip-outs. They are the stripping of anything within the main structure of a building, for example a stud wall, metal studding, partitions, suspended ceilings or air conditioning units.      

Prices vary on the nature of the job, but a free estimate will happily be given.

Soft Strip-Outs